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24/7 Support and Repair Service

At Ralakde we aim to provide you 100% customer satisfaction by repairing your mobile phone, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices fast. In endeavor to do this we complete repairing the devices with us as fast as possible. However, there are certain issues like motherboard related repairs, liquid damage repairs and software related repairs that may take somewhere between 7 to 14 days.

You can get our service in any way that is convenient for you. That is you may send your mobile phone to us through postal service or you may come to our workshop yourself. Our trained technicians always find it pleasure to support you with your problem.

After diagnosing the problem they repair your device, test its functionality and then return it back to you. We ensure that you get your mobile back in working condition.

Apart from repairing service we are happy to provide you support 24/7. Yes, you can call us or send us email and our customer care executive will get back to you fast. Even if you have any queries related to any of our services or complaints you can get in touch with us and we will be here to help you out with your query.

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  1. Wade Jeffrey

    How much Will it cost to repair Samsung S7 screen back and front

    1. ralakde

      We can repair just the from glass for £59 and back cover for £10. Thank you

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