3 ways to fix iPhone when Won’t Turn On

It can be really frustrating when your iPhone won’t switch on because not only are you confronted with unexpected charges to fix it, but you also might have lost your data, including your contacts and your priceless images.

There are many different reasons why an iPhone won’t switch on, ranging from the most basic ones, like battery loss or freezing, to the more complex ones, including physical damage.

Determine whether the problem is one with the hardware or the software first. Since there are numerous potential causes of iPhone malfunction, you should start by identifying the most frequent issues and finding solutions to them. There are 3 ways to fix your iPhone when it won’t turn on:

Charge your iPhone:

Place your iPhone in a dry, cool location that is away from direct sunlight to allow it to cool down and switch on again. The battery is so low that it cannot even power your smartphone, which is the straightforward explanation for why your iPhone won’t turn on. When you try to turn it on, the Insert Lightning Cable indicator probably appears.The icon will go once you plug in a charger. While your iPhone charges, a red battery graphic is still visible.

Force Restart your iPhone:

Restarting your iPhone is one solution if your iPhone won’t turn on because it’s in a boot loop, displaying the Apple logo, or finishing an iOS upgrade. A restart like that won’t delete any of your device’s data or contacts. Even if the screen is blank or the buttons aren’t working, you can still attempt this.

Try a hard reset if the usual restart didn’t work. Similar to a restart, a hard reset clears more of the device’s memory but leaves its storage alone.

Or Connect your iPhone to a Mac or PC. Now might be a good moment to create a backup of your iPhone if your device can be detected. Try updating the software on your phone after the backup is finished by clicking Update. Hit Restore iPhone to restore iOS if you’re already running the most recent version. Once the process is finished, you’ll be able to restore the backup you created.

Replace the battery of your iPhone:

An iPhone can occasionally take what feels like a very long time to restart. It depends on how long the battery on your iPhone has been entirely dead. However, the issue can be that the battery is fully dead if your iPhone is an old handset that you’ve kept in the drawer for a while.In the scheme of things, replacing the battery in your iPhone should be a rather simple fix.

You might have killed your iPhone if it won’t come on and exhibits damage, including a flickering screen or broken display. Dropping it, getting it wet (or exceeding the water resistance), or leaving it in an environment with severe temperatures for an extended period of time are all potential causes of harm.

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