6 ways to Prevent your phone from being damaged during this heatwave

Prevent your phone from being damaged during this heatwave

Summer is here, which means pleasant evenings and strolls in the park or on the beach, but it also means that your phone may be susceptible to heat damage.

The internal parts of your phone might be significantly impacted by extreme temperatures. Data loss or corruption can occur when a phone becomes too hot, and prolonged heat exposure can permanently slow down a gadget. Heat can even lead to battery leaking, which could endanger your personal safety.

Here are six quick measures you may follow to safeguard your phone when the temperature starts to rise.

Dispatch your phone from your pocket:

If you want your phone to stay cool on a hot day, don’t keep it in your pocket. In addition to being unpleasant, your body’s natural heat will inhibit the cooling process. Similar to when charging, you should set yourself away from insulating materials in a shaded area. In the worst situation, a battery from an overheated phone may start to leak or catch fire, placing you in grave danger.

Keep your phone out of the car:

On a hot day, an automobile behaves like a greenhouse so it is not advisable to leave your phone in the car whenever you go out.

Avoid using your phone to charge in the sun:

Your phone may become warm when charging. When your phone is charging, the heat from the sun will combine with the heat that naturally results from the power being transferred to the battery.

Avoid using applications that consume a lot of electricity:

Regardless of the weather, some apps and operations can be rather demanding, making your phone work hard and generate a lot of excess heat. So be sure to stay away from activities like photo and video editing, games, performance enhancing modes, and even prolonged camera use. It’s also wise to turn off any capabilities you aren’t using, such as Bluetooth or GPS. Even while they don’t produce a lot of heat just by turning on, every additional degree matters when it comes to overheating. It would be better to avoid engaging in the kinds of activities that naturally warm up your phone if the heat is making it hot.

Remove the case of the phone:

In the cold, a case is really useful. On hot summer days, it’s advisable to take it off. As a result, the case will keep the heat inside if your phone is growing heated. It is crucial to remove your phone so the heat can swiftly evaporate in order to safeguard it.

Think about a phone cooler or put it in front of a fan:

For mobile gamers, phone coolers are fitted to the device. They employ heat sink technology, which can prevent a handset from becoming hot when it typically would. Using a fan is a low-tech solution. Simply set it where it can benefit from the circulation of cold air. This is advantageous since it will cool down gradually, which reduces the possibility of harm. This makes it possible to reduce the heat produced during the day and keep the phone operating normally.

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