All you need to know about Mobile Phone Screen Replacement

Mobile Phone Screen Replacement

Mobile phones have become the most important device of our day-to-day lifestyle. We are pretty much dependent on the device for anything that we wish to do. From calling our friends and family to reaching them by cab or flight, we do everything online and that too on our mobile phones. These devices also have made a great shift from the way they used to look when they were launched to what they look like today. Mobile phones are becoming more and more friendly to use thanks to the apps and the super screens on the phones that allow you to have this great customer user interface. But as these screens are becoming larger the chances of them getting damaged are also increasing. Though mobile phone companies are getting the most advanced technology in these devices now and then there is a chance that you might crack or break your screen and then you will have to get them replaced. People who get their screen replaced get all types of questions in their heads, about the phone and its performance and whatnot, so here is All you need to know about Mobile Phone Screen Replacement.

1-    Warranty:

People have this great doubt that the mobile phone warranty is finished then and there when they opt for a screen replacement option. The truth though is that it is not the case. In case you have broken your phone’s screen, and if you get that screen replaced at some OEM store, then there is no effect on your phone warranty. But, the point to be noted here is that the screen replaced should be 100% original and at the same time, the store which changes the screen should be an OEM store or maybe a certified store.

2-    Data Loss:

The screen is an interface between the phone and the person who uses it. There is not data that is stored on the screen. The data is stored in the phone memory system and is processed and displayed on the screen. People at times doubt that the replacement of screen might lead to data loss, which is not the case. This might only happen if the phone has some other damages also along with the screen which was not visible from the outside.

3-    Precaution:

In case your phone can be accessed on the computer even after the screen is broken, it is recommended that you connect your phone to a PC and transfer all your data to your PC, before handing the phone over to the replacement center.

4-    Check your Phone:

Once the repair is done you should always sit and check your phone and the replacement quality. Check for any gaps between the phone’s new screen and the body panel. Check if the touch is working as well as before. This can also be verified using certain apps which are available online.

So, here are a few points that you must remember before getting your Mobile Phone Screen Replacement. Mobile phones are very important and we should be aware of all the aspects of the device.