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Business & Industrial Services

Business & Industrial Services

You cannot think of modern business and industries without use of smartphone or tablets. Whether you are the Chief executive officer of any concern or looking after the sales target for the organization you will need smartphone. Just think what will happen to your working condition when these smartphones stops functioning normally!

We at understand your pain when these smartphones or tablets stop working properly. We want to take the responsibility of keeping them at their best with our repair services so that you can concentrate on only what you need to, that is your core business.

Our services are

  • Easy to use and getting a repair done from our workshop is as simple as eating breakfast! It’s straightforward and simple and we love to adapt to your business needs. As we understand the importance of smartphone in your business provide quick services so you lack minimum time for the problems associated with your smartphone.
  • Helps you save money as well a s time as if you want to replace any device as they are not functioning it will cost you a lot. Then comes the time for transferring necessary data. Instead we repair your mobile phones quick and try to save the data that exists on your phone. Thus, you can save time for setting up the replacement devices.
  • Once you have get your phone repaired by us you will get one year repair warranty, (except on few cases), thus when you have your phone repaired by us you will be at peace of mind.

Entrust us with our trained technicians

Acknowledging the importance of business phones we have hired the best technicians who has years of experience in dealing with repairing of smartphones. They can handle a lot of them at once and detect the problem fast.

To get yourself registered with us you can register with us as a business and all the repair orders from your business will be prioritized. Once you are registered with us give your employees the employee code provided so that we can tag the order with your concern. we provide discount on bulk orders.

We will get them diagnosed and repaired as soon as possible keeping in mind that smartphones is indispensible part of your business.

Repairing mobile phones and tablets is our main business and we do it religiously so that you can concentrate on your core business. Rely on us.