Have You Accidentally Spilled Water on Your Laptop? Avoid doing this!

Do you have a water-damaged laptop? That is a major issue that requires speedy attention. When this happens to someone, they generally have two ideas. If the issue can be resolved with laptop water damage repair or whether it is irreversible. 

Many people believe the laptop is dead and will not be used again because they spilled water on the keyboard, but this is not always the case. It is conceivable that some damage has occurred, but the techniques for liquid damage repairs described here can work miracles in your favor.

What You Should Do

If you accidentally spilled water on your keyboard, please notice that your device might be affected. Follow these guidelines to prevent further damage to your laptop.

  1. Turn off Your Laptop

When you spill water on your laptop, save your essential document or work on it immediately and switch it off. Remember to unhook any dongles, cables, or flash drives and leave your laptop.

  1. Clean The Water on Your Laptop

When you’ve turned it off, get a towel and wipe the water from your laptop. While cleaning up, make sure your laptop is facing down.

  1. Let Your Laptop for 24 Hours

A spilled drink on your laptop may require some drying time. Let your laptop dry for 24 hours to ensure that it is completely dry.

What You Shouldn’t Do

When you spill water on your laptop, you may worry and wonder if your laptop is broken. Please keep in mind that a mistaken action might exacerbate the harm to your laptop.

To avoid inflicting extra harm to your laptop, avoid performing the following.

  1. Turn on Your Laptop 

Do not switch on your laptop while it is still drying. Let it dry for 24 hours before turning it back on to ensure it is entirely dry.

Turning on a laptop with liquid inside might cause more damage and spark a faulty circuit, putting your data and hardware at danger.

  1. Drying Your Laptop with Hair Dryer

You might believe that drying your water-damaged laptop with a hair dryer would speed it up. But, no! It’s the biggest blunder ever.

The heat from the hair dryer may further harm your gadget, melting the keyboard and leaving it unusable.

  1. Do Not Use Rice

Some people believe that soaking any device in rice will repair it. That is, believe it or not, pointless.

Rice doesn’t help much with spill cleanup. What will happen is that you will have to spend more effort clearing out rice, which may cause some of the internal laptop components to be damaged. That doesn’t work, and it may even harm the computer in the future.


Even if you are concerned after dropping some water on your laptop, resist doing anything that could cause more damage to your gadget. If you’re not sure what to do if water spills on your laptop, you can take it to a repair shop.

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