How to Repair an ASUS Keyboard Failure

Keyboard issues are common in all types of laptops and are usually simple to fix on your own. 

The solution to any problem you’re having with your ASUS keyboard, such as the keyboard not responding, not working, not being detected, or you accidentally typing the wrong character, can be found here. 

The following are some methods to fix ASUS keyboard malfunction.

  1. Restart Your Laptop

Since restarting can solve many different kinds of technical problems, many people have found that turning off and on their Asus laptop helps with the keyboard not working.

So all you have to do is turn on your laptop again and check to see if the keyboard works.

  1. Troubleshoot The Hardware Issue

You can attempt to troubleshoot the hardware issue if you find that restarting your laptop does not fix your keyboard’s problem.  It’s possible that the problem lies within the hardware’s capabilities.

If you use a wireless keyboard, you should check the Bluetooth connection to see if it is working properly. If, on the other hand, you type on a keyboard that connects via USB, you can test the integrity of the USB connection by unplugging and then replugging the USB into the port. 

  1. Update Your Keyboard Driver

Alternatively, you could try getting the latest driver for your keyboard. A problem such as the keyboard not working properly can be caused by an out of date driver. 

In order to ensure you have the most up-to-date driver, we recommend checking ASUS’s website.

  1. Reinstall Your Keyboard Driver

If the driver for your keyboard is up to date, you can attempt to reinstall it. To begin, you will need to remove the driver for the keyboard and then reinstall it on your laptop. 

  1. Replace Your Keyboard

If you’ve tried the above solutions and your keyboard still won’t work, don’t worry.  It is possible to purchase a new keyboard.  You can purchase the new keyboard if you are currently using a wireless or USB keyboard. 

However, if you use the keyboard that is already built into your laptop, you will need to purchase a separate one. You could give repairing or replacing it on your own a shot. But if you are not confident in your ability to do it yourself, you can always ask Ralakde to replace your keyboard for you.

Ralakde is a phone repair service that also offers computer services such as replacing laptop keyboards.  You can find more information at if you visit that website.


You can fix the malfunction on your own ASUS keyboard by checking the driver or troubleshooting the hardware. If, despite these efforts, your keyboard is still malfunctioning, you can visit Ralakde phone repair to obtain the service necessary to fix your keyboard.