Importance of Recycling Phone and Tablet?

Importance of Recycling Phone and Tablet?
In UK you will find that almost everyone owns a mobile phone. Thus, there are high chances that you can recycle them. By recycling the phone you can use another phone and at the same time someone who cannot afford a new phone can get a phone or tablet.
You can gift your mobile phone to your relative or friend for recycling or it can be given to us. We at Ralakde understand how important your phone was to you and thus take care of it when it sold to someone else. We will offer you a price and if you agree with our offered price you can send your mobile phone or tablet to us for recycling.
Once you are recycling your mobile phones you are helping in creating a pool of recycled mobile phones that can be used by less privileged people.
Help nature
Yes, you may be thinking how, but by recycling your mobile phone you are helping Mother Nature. There can be many reasons why you left your old mobile phone and switched to a new one. Now, you cannot throw away a mobile phone as that will cause environmental hazards. Instead, if you give the mobile phone to us, we will do the necessary changes and sell it. Thus, we reduce the environmental waste and helping you in preserving Mother Nature.
No contract
When someone is buying a recycled phone they are not into contract with any telecom company. They can use any network they choose according to their wish. If you are purchasing a new mobile you have to go into contract with any network provider, but in case of recycled mobile there will be no contract.
Save money
There is no doubt that when someone decides to buy a recycled mobile they can get any branded mobile at much lower cost than a fresh mobile. You can save a lot of money by choosing to buy a recycled mobile phone instead of going for a new mobile.
Includes warranty
As any repair at our end comes with a warranty of 12 months, it is same for recycled mobile purchased from us. You will get a warranty of 12 months when you buy a recycled mobile. It is tested by our technicians before we hand over it to you.
Thus, by going for a recycled mobile phone you get a lot of advantages and that is why it is important that you recycle your mobile phones when you are not using them, instead of keeping them locked at your home.