Mobile Phone Repair: 5 Myths

Mobile phones are a lifeline in today’s hectic life. So, you cannot imagine a day without having your mobile phones. When mobile phone suffers from any problem, most of us go to any lengths to fix the issues. Most people try to fix the problem by themselves. Ignoring or mediocre service can damage the phone further. But, there are mobile phone repair myths floating around. Here are some of the myths that you need to ignore.

Myth #1 Phone Gets Damaged More After Repairing

It is the common myth floating around that prevents people from giving their mobile phones for repair. Earlier, such problems did arise due to not having highly qualified technicians. But, reputed service centers have highly skilled repair technicians who can offer high-standard repair services without causing any errors. The skilled technicians with immense knowledge can deal with many complex issues affecting the phone and offer great services at affordable rates. When your phone gets in the hands of skilled technicians, they can fix any problem without making drastic changes.

Myth #2 A Third-Party Fixing Will Result In Voiding Of Warranty

While purchasing the mobile phone, you get instructions to give it to the manufacturer or a certified technician for repair. Only a certified technician has the stamp of approval from the manufacturer to deal with the issues. Else, it can result in a void warranty. While it is true for major repairs, simple issues do not come under this rule. Replacing a battery or cracked screen by a third-party technician may not void the warranty. It is better you handle such minor issues with the help of third-party technicians as they have experience dealing with such minor issues.

Myth 3: You Can Fix the Phone On Your Own

While you may feel confident to repair the phone by yourself, it can only damage the phone further. Unless you have sophisticated tools and experience in dealing with such damages, you cannot fix the problem faced by the phone by yourself. Only technicians with experience and skill can help rectify the damage and make it work like before it suffered the damage.

Myth #4 Mobile Repair Centers Can Hack Your Phone

It is the most relevant query many of the customers ask. But, it is nothing but a myth. Normal mobile repair centers deal with several mobile issues a day. Hence, they may not get the time to hack the phone. A reputed mobile service center never cheats its customers. It only provides the service requested by the customers and makes them satisfied. Giving your mobile phone to sleazy service centers can make you vulnerable to such issues to an extent. To avoid it, remove the memory card and sim before giving the phone for repair.

Myth #5 Repair Centers Replace Original Parts With Counterfeit Ones

It is another common misconception linked to repairing centers. But, when the technician removes any part from the device, they need to replace it to keep it running. In such cases, the technician has an old component that has less value than the replaced component. Making such fraud is not worth the time and effort.

Since you never wish to mess around with phone repair, choose a reputed service provider to repair the problems without facing any complications.

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