Myth or Fact: Apps Running in The Background Should be Closed to Save Battery and Avoid Slowdowns

Smartphones are the most popular electronic device, being used by 6.8 billion people around the world. This means that roughly 3/4 of the world’s population owns a smartphone. 

But there are still a lot of myths and rumors out there about smartphones. One of them is about using apps in the background that would drain the battery. Is it a myth or a fact?

Do Background Apps Actually Cause Battery drain?

Apps can now be set to run in the background on both iPhones and Androids, making multitasking significantly easier.  This appears to be the root cause of the myth that multitasking uses more battery life. Additionally, having more applications simultaneously running in the background slows down the system. 

In fact, all of the myths above are false. Both iOS and Android put limits on what apps that are running in the background can do. Therefore, the battery that is used by the apps will be less than what is used by the apps that are currently running.

Because of this common misunderstanding, a great number of apps make the claim that they can terminate an application that is operating in the background in order to save battery life. These apps are completely pointless because, despite their claims, they do not actually save any more battery.


Running applications in the background does not have any impact on the amount of battery life a smartphone uses up or the speed at which it operates. So don’t be concerned. 

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