Myth or Fact: Bluetooth / WiFi Direct Kills Your Battery

Phones are no longer just for making phone calls and sending text messages. It can be said that everything we need is on the phone, like communication, entertainment, business, and so on.

Additionally, in recent years, we have begun to use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect our phones to other wireless devices. When Bluetooth was first brought to cell phones, there was a persistent notion that it consumed battery power.

Even now, many people believe the remark. Is it true that turning on Bluetooth or WiFi depletes your battery? Find the answer below.

Does Bluetooth / WiFi Drain Battery?

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct allow you to quickly transmit large files or other data from one device to another. While we might argue about which is superior, the fact is that they are both quite helpful and strikingly similar. But do they deplete your battery?

The answer is no.

While not in use, modern Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct versions require little to no power. When you activate another device and begin exchanging files, your battery will begin to deplete. Until then, merely having them turned on will cause no substantial power loss.

This incorrect information is from the late 1990s, when Bluetooth was initially included in phones. Bluetooth, like our phones, has evolved significantly in the past 20 years.

The original Bluetooth version from the 1990s is now known as “standard Bluetooth.” It was updated to a new version known as Bluetooth 4.0 in 2010, which delivered improved connection reliability and, more crucially, exceptionally reduced battery usage (Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE for short).

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology is now used in phones. Standard Bluetooth is used in devices that require a more stable connection, such as earphones that stream music.


If your battery is draining and you feel it is due to Bluetooth, please verify the Bluetooth device that is linked to your phone. Bluetooth and WiFi waste just 1-3% of a day’s energy when they are not in use.

Gadgets that stream music, such as earphones or portable speakers, will consume significantly more power since they require a consistent, high-quality connection.

However, if your battery drains after you disable Bluetooth and WiFi, you can check your phone in Ralakde. We could perform diagnostics on your phone to identify and resolve problems.

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