PC/Laptop Repair
“We do care of your needs”—
and that’s our motto. And we strive to accomplish our mission in order to achieve client satisfaction.
PCs or personal computers and laptops are the devices created for the modern generation. PCs are used by an individual, while laptops are portable and can be carried easily. These IT devices have a complicated hardware and software which can be damaged easily by any kind of internal or external complications.
The adept engineers of Official Phone Repair services have earned their expertise in repairing PCs and laptops and their parts of all makes and models through the years. Using our dexterity & diligence as their most coveted assets, we have earned the capability to carry out a large number of repair and maintenance services, irrespective of manufacturing brand and industry.
We pride of two valuable assets we have. The pool of experienced technicians and fully equipped workshops, where we diagnose errors and repair them.
What we do?
We serve actually. Our aim is to achieve the contentment of the customers in distress who contact us in order to get their PCs and laptops done.
We look after the entire hardware of the PCs and laptops and troubleshoot the problems. The operations include:
 PC Repair / Troubleshooting
 PC Setup / Installation
 PC Technical Support
 PC Training / Tutoring
 Wired / Wireless Networking
 Motherboard Replacement
 System Security Testing
 Hardware Upgrades / Installation
 Software Upgrades / Installation
 AntiVirus Installation / Removal
 Memory Upgrades
 Operating System Updates
We have gained reputation by providing services to the corporate offices and local businesses along with the individual owners. We have entrusted our name as one of the valuable service providers in the entire United Kingdom. Let’s check out in which places our services are needed the most:
 Corporate Reliance
We have earned reliance of the corporate industry and corporate people with our quick resolving abilities and impeccable facilities that include extreme focus on the customer satisfaction, premium quality of services and assurance of troubleshooting of all kinds of problems on an urgent basis. Corporate sectors need PCs and laptops for their every work and hindrance in their workflow may affect their company’s growth. We ensure, it won’t happen. Along with PC repair services, we provide gaming console repair, unlocking services to the corporate clients.

 Local Business
UK encounters the struggle and vicissitudes of many small and ground level business entrepreneurs. Local trades need a lot of technical support in order to establish their startups and to sustain them. Gone are the days where everything was done manually. Now, in this era of technology, we rely on laptops and PCs more than we rely on us. Local businesses are also handled purely technically. We offer them the reliable technical services to value up their business and also perform servicing and maintenance on a regular basis.

 Public
Laptops and PCs are common in the daily household activities. From sending mail to receiving a gift, we have to depend on them today. They are fast and swift and offer a perfect mode of entertainment. But they do incline to damage. We are there for the people who suffer of anxiety due to their faulty laptops and PCs. Our technicians offer a service that comprises of high quality maintenance and free warranty support.
Why they rely on us?
Corporate, local business and the public, all of them have the essential necessity of repairing their laptops and PCs and thus, they have gained the position of our potential customers. Our technical wizards are proficient in repairing any kind of IT equipment.
Our forte lies in the proper implementation of the features we possess.
o Speeding up your computer/PC
o Removing malware & virus easily
o Quick technical support
o Data storage & backup
o Recovery of deleted files
The repairing procedure
We follow a step-by-step strategy for the accurate execution of the method that includes:
 We accumulate items that require the repairing from the client’s premises.
 Comprehensive cleaning of the gadgets
 Scrutinizing and diagnosing to find out faulty mechanisms
 Replacement of the defective elements
 Relevant verification of the entire board quality in the workshop
 Packing and shipping of the repaired device