Ralakde is a National Phone Repair Company

National Phone Repair Company
When it comes to repairing phone, we at ralakde.com provide you any repair service related to your mobile phone and tablets. We are based at New castle but we provide service to you anywhere in UK.
Yes, we are national phone Repair Company who undertakes the responsibility of repairing mobile phones irrespective of the location you are from. You can either walk in our warehouses to get your phone repaired or mail us your phone if you do not stay nearby.
Our technicians will take same care of your mobile phone even if you are a walk-in customer or a mail customer. At the day end we provide best services to have happy customers.
Whether you want total phone repair or is looking for any particular parts for DIY repair, we and our technicians are always there at your service to help you out with phone repair.
Thus, whether you need software repair or diagnose the problem with your water damaged mobile phone, our technicians are happy to help you out with their expertise. It does not matter where you stay, what matters to us is that you need help and that is what we are for!
We are national phone repair Company who repairs Mobile phones manufactured by all brands including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Sony and others.