Should You Get a New Phone or Replace your iPhone’s Battery?

iPhone’s Battery

When we talk about modern smartphones (especially iPhones), they don’t have everlasting batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are not as perfect and brilliant as they should be. Of course, they charge quickly, rarely explode, and are energy-dense, but still, they are not up to the mark. Now the question arises, what should you do when your iPhone’s battery has somehow given up the ghost.

Well, you have basically two options; you can either replace it or buy a brand-new phone.

How do you know that your iPhone’s battery needs a replacement?

When it comes to lithium batteries, you may need to face certain problems. It begins to lose its original capacity with each charge cycle in the process of providing peak voltage and power. Then there comes a time when the battery doesn’t even last long to be of any practical use. In such a case, we advise you to opt for battery replacement. Replacing the battery of your iPhone may seem like a good option, but it mainly depends on how old your device is.

Even if you take too much care of your iPhone, you will need to consider the option of battery replacement in the end. After a time period of 18-24 months, your iPhone will start to show decreased battery life. Other than the battery, if you are satisfied with the functioning of your iPhone, then there’s no need to buy a whole new mobile device. Battery replacement is a far better option that you must consider.

But the only problem left is that you cannot replace the battery of your iPhone on your own. But if you are handy, have great knowledge and skill of battery replacement, then you can replace your iPhone’s battery yourself. By searching online, you can also get the required tools and the battery for replacement. You may find it a little trickier, but knowing what you are doing will make your job easier.

You can check out Apple’s website or a retail store to know more about your battery replacement options. The company offers a battery replacement program for the devices that are in-warranty as well as out-of-warranty. Walk into your nearby Apple store and gather information about your iPhone’s battery replacement. You may need to discuss your options because only certain models qualify for a battery replacement program.

If Apple’s replacement program doesn’t prove any benefit for you, then you can opt for other options like Apple authorized service providers. The staff of Apple authorized service providers have been trained and certified by Apple, ensuring a high-quality service. There is not only one company (Apple) that can help you replace the battery of your iPhone. All you need to do is find a professional and reliable authorized service provider to solve your iPhone’s battery issues.

You can opt for the option of other repair shops to replace the battery of your iPhone. These shops provide their services at a lower price compared to Apple authorized service providers. So, if you are facing problems with the budget, then you must go with the option of genuine repair shops for the replacement of your iPhone’s battery.