Water Damage on an Apple iPhone: Troubleshooting Instructions

Liquid damage is less of an issue these days as most iPhone devices are acquiring better water-resistant ratings day by day. But instead, sometimes water damage can cause malfunctioning of your iPhone device. 

For an Apple iPhone with liquid damage, taking appropriate first steps can turn out to be a major difference between the life and death of your iPhone. You can come up with a lot of misinformation while searching online for troubleshooting instructions in order to rescue a liquid-damaged Apple iPhone. You should be aware of what to do immediately after dropping an Apple iPhone in the water. 

We can imagine that disheartening moment when your Apple iPhone fell in the water. So, before you go through the troubleshooting instructions of fixing the liquid-damaged smartphone, make sure to follow these simple yet crucial don’ts carefully and comply accordingly. 

  • Don’t turn on your water-damaged Apple iPhone

It is one of the most important things that you should keep in mind at the time when you end up dropping your Apple iPhone in the water. After being damaged, there are chances that your Apple iPhone device may turn off. Don’t panic if it doesn’t turn on. It would be better if you did not turn it on immediately.

  • Don’t blow dry immediately

Instead of doing any good, blow-drying your Apple iPhone device immediately may do more bad. The hot air from the blow dryer can cause unbearable damage to the hardware of your iPhone.

Now, let us come to thNow, let us come to the top best troubleshooting instructions that you can follow to fix your water-damaged Apple iPhone device

  • Remove the SIM card

In order to ensure that the water does not damage the SIM card, you must first turn off your Apple iPhone device and then take the SIM card out. To take out the SIM tray, you can take the assistance of a paperclip. Do not try inserting the tray back; instead, leave the slot open. 

  • Wipe the exterior

After removing the SIM card, start wiping the exterior of your Apple iPhone with the help of tissue paper or cotton cloth. Make sure not to apply too much pressure while wiping your Apple iPhone.

  • Place your iPhone in a dry place

In order to prevent the interior of your Apple iPhone from getting damaged, put it in a warm and dry place.

You can place it nearby a window that is exposed to the sun. 

  • Silica gel packets

Silica gel packets are considered one of the safest solutions for absorbing the water content that is inside the device. You can easily purchase them from any major store. Take a few silica gel packets and place them over and under your water-damaged Apple iPhone

  • Reach out to a tech genius

If the water-damaged iPhone does not turn on even after following all the above-mentioned measures, reach out to a tech genius. 

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