What are the few measures you can take if any liquid drop on your phone?

Your phone is the perfect means to connect with your family members and friends. It helps you to access information, do the shopping, and perform banking operations from the comforts of your home. You will take the utmost care to prevent damage from water and rain. However, if you are required to deal with a liquid drop on your phone, you should perform the following steps:

  • Turn off your phone – As soon as you notice a liquid drop on your phone, you should turn off your phone.
  • Wipe it – Take a dry cotton cloth and wipe it. You can take a towel also to remove the moisture on the phone.
  • Remove the battery – If you can remove the battery, it should be removed.
  • Keep it in a rice container – You can drop your phone into a container of rice, and the container can be placed in the sunshine. You can perform this step if your phone is completely immersed in water. Retrieve the phone after a few days from the container.

If you are unable to get the normal functioning of the phone after performing the above steps, you can take the help of a professional.

Liquid Drop on your phone

Dry off your phone 

As soon as you notice that your phone is exposed to water, you should dry it off immediately. The phone should be switched off immediately, and you should not switch it on under any circumstances.

If an electric charge passes through the wet circuit, it can damage your phone. The water is a good conductor of electricity, and it can lead to short-circuiting when it reaches the electrical contacts. Hence, the power source should be removed to stop the flow of electricity in the circuit.

Cleaning the phone 

If your phone fell in a bathroom, you should disinfect it thoroughly by using Lysol or Clorox wipes available in the market. Alternately, you can use a cloth immersed in alcohol-based liquid. However, you should not spray the cleaning solution directly on your phone.

Use cell phone water damage kit 

An emergency kit especially meant to deal with wet phones, can be used to wipe off the phone very quickly. The kits can absorb the moisture as they have synthetic desiccants. You will want to drop your phone into the bag, and it should be sealed. If you open it after 24 hours, the phone will be completely dry, and it is ready for use.

If you drop your phone into a rice bag, the rice may enter into the small portions such as power port and create additional issues. By using a cell phone damage kit, the elimination of water from the phone will be smooth and straightforward. Hence, you may need to keep a cell phone water damage kit as you always keep a first aid kit in your automobile.

When to consult the professional?

Consult the Phone Repair Professional

After systematically performing the above steps, you should get your phone up and normal. If it still fails to power on, you can consult a professional who deals with phone repairs.