What are the few things you should do if your phone gets locked?  

If you are locked out of your Android smartphone, you will want to explore how to get it back. After setting up a password to lock the phone, you should enter the correct password to unlock the phone. Failure to enter the unlock pattern or number will make you frustrated as you will not access your phone. There are different means to unlock your android phone. It can be done through hard reset or soft reset.

Phone Locked out

Factory reset 

A ‘factory reset’ is s hard reset option to unlock your phone.

  • Power it off –

    The first step to unlock your phone is to power it off.
  • Press the power and volume down button –

    To enter into the boot screen of your phone, you should press the power button and volume down button together. As soon as the phone vibrates, you can release both keys. Now, the phone has entered into the recovery mode.
  • Choose ‘wipe data’ –

    You can choose the ‘wipe data’ or ‘factory reset’ option among the multiple options that surface on the screen. The volume ‘up and down’ button can be used to move among the highlighted options. Press the power button to choose the right option.
  • Delete user data –

    After choosing the ‘wipe data’ option on the screen, you will come across many options. You can select ‘Yes- Delete all user data’ on the menu. When you press the power button, the phone settings will be restored to factory settings. All the data you have stored on the phone will be deleted from the phone.
  • Reboot system now –

    After resetting your phone settings and removing the data, your phone will be ready for a fresh restart. By selecting ‘reboot system now’, you will be able to unlock the phone successfully. However, the data that is lost through this process is irrecoverable.

Unlock using soft reset 

By using third-party software solutions, you can unlock your phone to some extent. The software can deal with various passwords, including pattern, PIN, fingerprints, and password. The lock screen can be removed by using the software, and there will not be data loss.

Professional Phone Repair Service Provider

However, before using the software tools, you should be aware of your phone manufacturer’s terms and conditions. If your phone is under warranty, the phone tampering by altering hardware components or software changes may make your phone warranty null and void. Hence, due diligence should be exercised while choosing the method to unlock your phone.

Professional unlock services 

If you find it hard to unlock your phone, you can consult a professional phone repair service provider. Professionals implement the best technique to unlock your phone with the least damage to your data. When your phone is under safe hands, you will not lose data, and the phone will be up and running within no time. Before handing over your phone to the service personnel, you are advised to go through the service provider’s credentials.