Why Choose Ralakde Phone repair centre?

Why Choose Us?
We understand the importance of your mobile phones in your life and hence provide world class repairing services to ensure that you are satisfied with your mobile phone or tablet after you get it return.
You will choose us because
World class service at affordable rates
We provide world class service for any type of repair work that comes our way. We have experts who can repair almost any problem related to phone and tablets. You will get these world class service at most cheapest rates all over UK.
Our technicians are best in business
Technicians at our end are rigorously trained and they are appointed after proper background check, so that we can provide you best service. They provide you service of highest standards.
Use OEM parts while repairing your gadgets
While repairing your tablet or mobile phone we may have to change certain parts and components of the phones. For this we use the best quality replacement components that will make your phones and tablets perform better.
Special offer for repeating customers
We value each and every customer and take keen interest in repairing their devices. However, for our repeated customers we provide 10% off on the cost of repairing. We are sure our services will bring back anyone who has taken it once.
Satisfaction guarantee and warranty
We provide 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our customers. On any repaired phone you will get 2 years warranty, depending upon the nature of repair work. Until and unless you are satisfied with our services, we will not ask you to pay!
Repair services for all gadgets at one place
Whenever you have any problem with your gadgets, think of us and send them to us. You will get experts technicians repairing any type of gadgets, are that your mobile phone or tablets. We are expert in different models of iPhones.
Use of latest technology for repairing your devices
Our technician follows the latest innovation in technology of phones and tablets so that they can apply the latest technology for repairing your devices. By using the advanced technology we ensure that you get quality service from our end. We also take care that your data is safe while we repair your phone.
Provide service all over UK
We provide repairs service to very place in United Kingdom. Thus, we ensure that you will get our expert services wherever you live in UK.
Proper testing before dispatch
Before we dispatch your repaired devices we conduct thorough test to ensure that they are working fine. We clean them and make them look like new before we send them to you.

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  1. Bob Hall

    A big thank you for sorting out my daughters smashed screen in less than half-an-hour!

    In these uncertain times it’s import to maintain communication with those dear to you so thanks to the guys for giving me back my peace of mind 🙂

    1. ralakde

      Thank you Bob, so glad that we could help you at this uncertain time.

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