Terms and conditions of sale for Ralakde ltd

Data protection 

Under the GDPR regulations, we need permission to store relevant contact details to ensure that you can make full use of the warranty given with the repair and purchase of a device. This information will be secured securely for the period of time that the warranty is valid for. It will not be used for any other purpose.  You may OPT OUT at any time, but we will then be only able to offer the standard 90 days warranty. If you op out after the 90 day period, then your warranty with us is complete.  You need to give permission when purchasing the repair or device, if we do not have your details at the point of sale, we cannot process the warranty. By clicking agree on the terms and conditions at the point of check out you are allowing us to store the basic information needed.  


We accept payment from all major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal.

All payments are to be made prior to any repair.

If you are buying a mobile phone through debit or credit card we will dispatch the mobile phone to the billing address of the card from which the payment is made.


All prices mentioned are subject to change. Promotional items have the prices and the duration for which that price applies. All the prices are inclusive of VAT and delivery charges unless otherwise mentioned.

‘No Fix, No fee’ policy is not applicable on services such as diagnostic and liquid damage. However, we will consider each case individually.

Non-Refundable Repairs:

Water damage and diagnostics are paid in advance. In the event that we are unable to repair your phone, or you choose not to go ahead with the full repair after the diagnosis there is no refund due, as the work has already been carried out. 


All repairs other than battery, software related and water damage repairs come with a 12 months warranty. For battery damage repairs we provide a warranty of 6 months. However, this warranty excludes any faults related to accidental or physical damage or when the device is opened in your possession. You may incur some charges for further repairing when the nature of repair falls outside the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Any repair on W-Fi faults of iPhone 4 and 4S are not covered under our repair.

After repairing if you take the device to a third party your warranty will be considered void. This applies for both purchased and repaired items.

All repairs related to software problems will not be covered by our warranty.

During the warranty period we cover the original repair only. Eg: If you had charging port repair, that repair is only covered under warranty. If your device develops an additional fault during the warranty period, it will not be considered under warranty and you have to pay charges to complete the repair. 

Any refurbished mobile phones purchased from Ralakde come with a warranty, the varies from 3 – 12 months depending on the mobile purchased. It covers the manufacturing defects. If there is some fault not related to it or happens after the warranty period is over you have pay extra. The warranty on such devices does not cover accidental or physical damage and your warranty will be automatically voided. However, if you get it repaired from Ralakde it will be covered under repairs warranty for 12 months.

The batteries in all refurbished phones sold from Ralakde come with a 3 months warranty.


While repairing if your device is damaged in such way that it is beyond economical repair due to the wilful misconduct or our negligence we take full liability of providing a replacement that is limited to cost of your mobile replacement. We do not take responsible for any data stored in your device.

You will be solely responsible for any data corruption or lost data. You are advised to back up your phone before sending the device to us.

After receiving the device our technicians will have to open up your device for diagnosing the problem and to be able to carry out the repair. There is some risk when opening the device and although we take great care there may be some accidental damage. We will bear the cost of repairs or replacement if such damage occurred. 

Any damage caused from previous repairers are not our liability.

When you send your device for a home button repair or screen repair Ralakde will not be responsible for non-functioning of the Touchand Face ID feature after the repairs is completed. 

Ralakde will also not be liable for any colour fading or loss caused due to the age and condition of the device and during the repair process. 

Your Data:

Before you send your devices to us we recommend you to get proper data backup and where possible reset your phone to factory settings, if this is not possiblethen please ensure that your device is password protected. Please do not send these details with your device, you will be asked for this separately. Number codes are easier for us to test the phone before dispatch. This is to protect your data during transit. 

We do not take responsibility for any data on your device as we do not provide data recovery services. We may need to update the iOS to ensure that the repair is correctly done.

We also suggest removing all sim cards, memory cards and accessories from your device before you send it to us.  We are not responsible for any loss thereon. 

By sending your device to Ralakde you agree with the terms and condition that you release us from any sort of claims related to loss or damage of your data, be that in any form, viz, photos, SMS, games or songs. We consider that when we have received the device it is in factory settings.


It is your responsibility to ensure that your device is packaged correctly.  Any damage upon delivery will be noted,, and you will be informed. 

Repair Process & Delays:

As a company we aim to complete all repairs within 24 to 48 hours of receiving it. However, it is not a guarantee as every repair has its own issues that may require a longer time frame.  About 99.3% of the repairs received by us are completed within the same day but if there are further issues the process may be slowed down.

During the repair process we may find that it will take a longer period of time. We will notify you throught the booking system, using your preferred method of contact. We will  state the reason for such delay, along with the estimated completion date. You can also track your repair status through the repair tracker to know if there are any new developments.

The repair may be delayed if we have to order any additional parts. You will be receiving updates throughout the whole process using the booking in system. 

In the case of a diagnostic repair, the time required may be more than normal repairs as our technicians take a look at every element to find out the faults with your device.

After we diagnose the fault we do not guarantee that we can fully repair the device, although 97% of all devices diagnose by us are repaired.

On the screen repairs of some Samsung devices there are chances of the LCD breaking when removing the glue that bonds the glass to the LCD. We offer you a service of a glass repair on certain models. If the LCD breaks, by any chance, we notify you and let you know about the procedure to take place. We seek your permission before carrying out with the repair and are also not liable for the payment of replacement cost of the glass. 

We may take up to 7-14 days for liquid damage repairs.

For any software related repairs, we may need up to 7- 14 days.

Mother board related repairs may also take up to 7 to 14 days.

Orders with multiple repairs or have additional repairs added on will take more time.

Any time estimate provided to you for repairing the device is an estimate only and it is not an obligation on the company to return it to you by that time.

After receiving your device and we find that it is not faulty we will return in it back to you and refund the balance. We will deduct an amount of £9.99 for handling fees that will cover the diagnostic and postage charges.

Occasionally a few iPad screen repairs may have fine grid lines appearing on the screen. There will be no problem with the functioning of the screen and the performance will be just fine. We will not be able to refund money or replace the screen based on this factor.

Additional Repairs:

After we received your device our technicians test it rigorously and during this process they may find some additional problems. We will always contact you  with the details of such problems and ask for your consent to repair the device fully. If you agree, and we receive the payment, we will again ask our technicians to complete the repairing process. If you decline the additional repairs we will stop the repairing process and send the device back you. For any queries related to additional repairs we can always get in touch with us.

Water Proof Repairs:

Those mobile devices that are sold as waterproof by the manufacturer are sealed in their factory with special liquid proof gaskets and special machines.

When carrying out a repair on a waterproof device we have to open and close the device. After the repair is completed we cannot guarantee the device will still be 100% waterproof. Only the manufacturers have those specialized equipment but we replace all the gaskets and provide you Grade A+ parts and use techniques that are the best in the market for repairing your products.


On the receipt of a device and before we dispatch it back to you our trained technicians and testers test the device rigorously. We test different aspects of the device that includes vibration, buttons, cameras, sound, charging port, speakers, W-Fi, signal, LCD display, front screen, power settings and many more. We are dedicated in providing you best services and thus do not want to miss any fault.



For the cancelation of any repairs, you need to cancel before you dispatch the device to us. Once we have received the device and the work has been started, then we may not be able to cancel the repair, however, it will depend upon the type of repair. If we can we may deduct additional postal charges from your payment and then cancel the order.

For cancelling please email us at sales@ralakde.co.uk or call us at 01782563377 during the working hours.

Weekend Service:

During weekends the office hours are restricted. Hence, you may get late replies to your emails and messages.

Emailing & Messaging:

We aim to provide a reply to all emails and messages within 24 hours. There may be delays on weekends and bank holidays.


Insurance covers those customers who are able to provide a legitimate tracking code and if you have opted for your own courier services, you do not get one.

Insurance coverage will be up to the value of your device or £500, whichever is lower. It will cover for a like for like replacement of the device that is lost/damaged.

This insurance is applicable only when the devices are in transit.

It includes postal loss only. The losses will be covered when it is being failed to be delivered at your registered address and the courier company conforms it to be lost.

If there is lack of secure packaging you may not be able to claim for insurance.

If the packaging is tampered then we are not liable to pay any insurance.

We also do not cover any damage that has insured for postal handling.

If the device is replaced with any like for like model then you will get 3 months Ralakde warranty. It does not include any type of accidental damage, and this can be detected by our technician’s.

 If the device is lost during transit whilst sending it back to you we are not liable to refund you the charges for previous repairs. The replacement device provided to you will be in full working condition. We do not provide any cash refund for lost devices. We replace it with a fully working device.

The insurance is provided by Ralakde and not by Royal Mail.

Diagnostic Service:

The diagnostic fee charged by us includes shipping cost only and if you continue to get ahead with the repair the amount will be deducted from the repair cost.

Diagnostic is an ongoing operation and during the period your mobile is with us the process is continued.

Blocked Devices:

At Ralakde we do not deal with any device that is jail broken, bricked or blocked. We will send back the device and refund back the customer, provided the device was not sent for liquid damage or diagnostic repair.

If there is no IMEI number on the device we do not handle such devices. This is for warranty and security purposes. We will send back the device and refund back the customer, provided the device was not sending for liquid damage or diagnostic repair.


Repairs of 5 or more devices at any one time may be eligible for a discounted price. You will need to contact us directly to discuss this. 


We aspire to repair all our devices 100%. Unfortunately, on occasion your phone may still develop a fault. We will attempt re-repair your device up to twice more. If after this your device is still faulty, we will issue you a refund after deducting the postage costs.

Prior to issuing the refund we need to see you’re mobile and ensure that it is faulty. However, it does not include water damage and diagnostic related repairs.


14 Day Money Back Guarantee:

We provide our customer with a 14-day money back guarantee with all our refurbished phones. You can return it back the device to us within these 14 days if you are not satisfied with the device. The count of 14 days starts from the day when the customer receives the device. If the item is repaired or exchanged in the meantime, the 14 days is not started again. You can replace the mobile phone within 30 days from the day on which you receive the mobile, after that it can only be sent back to us for repairs.


We sell all refurbished phones in subject to the VAT (Special Provisions) order 1995 and Section 50A of the VAT Act 1994.

Error 53:

After carrying out liquid damage, mother board or screen related repairs on the devices mentioned below and you get error 53 on the device we are not responsible for that. It is an issue with apple and not with the repair work by Ralakde. Thus, it is not covered under our warranty. You will be asked to give permission before any work is carried out. 

Devices Included:

iPhone 5S

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6

iPad Mini 3

iPad Air 2

Sending your device:

When sending your device to us, please ensure it is packaged properly. We recommend a trusted postal service, and a tracked service. Please make sure that you get a receipt with the bar code on it so that you can track the status of the parcel whist it is in transit. 

For returning any device you can use the same postage label that was provided during original confirmation email sent.

For sending separate parts in the same packet ensure that they are sealed properly and wrapped securely so that they do not get lost during transit. We will not be held responsible for loss of any parts during transit or until the package is delivered to Ralakde. After receiving your parcel, we log in details of different parts received by us. This will be updated on your order records. 


We dispatch the repaired devices back to you by Royal Mail tracked 24. When at the Checkout you will get an option to send your device to us either via your own courier or by using our free return delivery service. Our free return covers loss of items up to an amount of £500. For any cover over that you need to contact with your own courier. Upon receipt of the devices you need to check them, and if you find any item damaged please contact us immediately, and follow up with photographic evidence.

The Royal mail Tracked 24 delivers your device the next day, as per the Post office. To know more about this click here. In certain cases, it may take about 10 working days to deliver your device. To read about the terms and conditions of Royal Mail please click here.

We do not provide expenses on courier services as we provide our own free shipping service.

Rarely, the device may lose during transit. To making a claim we will need the copy of the receipt along with the tracking information (bar code) and the original receipt of the item purchased. Before any further action is taken it may take about 28 days for processing the same.

For collecting your parcel from local UK Mail Depot or for rearranging the delivery please click here.

Purchased items:

When you purchase any product from Ralakde, we choose the best courier for the product. This can be changed if required by my have additional charges applied.  The courier will only be deliver to the provided address on the order.  It cannot be left with the neighbour or any other ‘safe’ place. After dispatching the order, it is not possible to change the address.

To change a delivery address, it is necessary to contact us before the order is dispatched.  You will need to send us an email from the registered email address with the new address.

If you have any specific request that you mentioned during the checkout, then we do not guarantee that the request will be fulfilled. However, we do our best to dispatch back the items within the promised period of 3- 5 days. If there are any issues we will keep you informed.

After receiving your package back if you find any damage in the item please let us know ASAP at our customer care team. You may contact them at sales@ralakde.co.uk. Please note that you need to keep the original packaging, and securely and send it back to us along with the item so that we can claim for damages. This process may require up to a period of 28 days to complete. 


International Customers (Outside UK):

We repair devices from outside of the UK, but you have to arrange for your own courier to send your device to us. To send the device back to you using a secured international postal service, you will be asked to pay an additional postage amount of up to £20.

For international customers our free postal labels are not applicable. If returning any item, you will need to arranged a courier yourself. We will not bear the cost of the postage. 


For any sort of complaints contact us at sales@ralakde.co.uk or call us at 01782 563377 during the working hours.

Ralakde Ltd

VAT Registration Number: GB246093895

Updated January 2023

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